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    What is FAME?

    The Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education (FAME) is an employer-led program to provide and manage career pathways which produce global-best, entry level talent to member employers in key occupational fields. The goal is to address and resolve workforce problems with talent acquisition by providing workers in sufficient numbers based on each member employer’s need, on time, and of global-best talent to ensure business competitiveness. The program includes a strong employer-college activity in which both parties work together in close partnership to mutually promote, guide, manage, and co-educate students in the core Advanced Manufacturing Technician (AMT) Program. Each party has mutual obligations that must be met in order for the program to succeed, to accomplish its goals, and to service its employer members.


    TXFAME Metro360 Program

    In partnership with Workforce Solutions Dallas, Dallas College - Mountain View and the Grand Prairie Chamber of Commerce, the Metro360 Chapter will begin its first cohort in the fall of 2024.

    The program is open to high school graduates and employees of companies who have joined the Metro360 Chapter.

    High school seniors who wish to be in the program must do the following:

    1. Apply to the FAME program through Texas Workforce Solutions
    2. Apply to Mountain View College (Students in Dallas County will have tuition covered by the Dallas Promise Program)
    3. Apply for work with one of the Metro360 Chapter business members


    Upon acceptance to FAME and Mountain View College, and being selected for employment with the Metro360 Chapter business, students will work at the jobsite 3 days per week, attending Mountain View College 2 days per week.  The program is 5 semesters, and students completing the work will earn an Associates degree, and begin fulltime employment with their Metro360 Chapter business employer.

    Incumbent employees of a participating Metro360 Chapter companies can also participate in the program, provided they do the following:

    1. Apply to the FAME program through Texas Workforce Solutions
    2. Apply to Mountain View College (Classes may be paid by employer or the individual)
    3. Reduce working hours to accommodate classroom work



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