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    Today we have schools preparing our students for the future. That future, for some, can only be realized with a little help from the community.  As our students prepare, we want them to know that they live in a community that believes in the future of our city and that we know THEY are the future. So, when it is time for them to find their place in the world, we want our workforce to mentally, physically and financially able to reach their potential.

    The City of Grand Prairie is an amazing  place on the precipice of incredible growth. The City, the School District and the Chamber work together to get things done. If there is a need, citizens step up to fill it.

    Review our initiatives and evaluate the partnerships we are creating, and you can see why the Grand Prairie Chamber Foundation, with your help, WILL make a difference in our community.

    We have a Board of Directors that are committed.  Our partnerships are strong.  Sponsors understand their importance to the future workforce.

    We are building LEADERS. We are building a well educated WORKFORCE.  We are building the FUTURE.

    Come, join us.  Invest in the future of Grand Prairie.  Learn more by visiting: 


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